Vlak voordat de sessie begon crasht Jaap zijn demo omgeving. Ieder ander zou een lichtelijk onaangenaam gevoel krijgen, Jaap ging deze uitdaging maar wat graag aan. Vlak voordat de sessie begon waren ‘bijna’ alle omgevingen weer in de lucht en kon de sessie van start. De reacties zijn bijzonder goed te noemen, alle deelnemers gingen met de nodige nieuwe informatie naar huis. Jaap spreekt de komende tijd op PowerShell Saturday en andere bijeenkomsten van de PowerShell Usergoup.

De presentatie vind je, zoals je gewend bent, hieronder. De gebruikte demo’s zijn iets daaronder te bekijken, het interview met Jaap zal ook snel volgen.

De demo’s:

Nog eens een samenvatting van de sessie en een korte bio van Jaap:

This demo-rich session goes into detail on some best practices on securing PowerShell and highlights and the steps that have been taken in PowerShell 5.0 that allow you to do so. In the first section of this evening we will touch some of the basic concepts of security that we have available to us in PowerShell. Then Jaap will go into detail how you can correctly implement them by demoing the functionality.

In the second part of this presentation we will go into detail what features you can use to log what PowerShell is doing. This will cover things such as PowerShell transcription, obfuscation and how to act on what is being logged and how log files and the event log can be analyzed.

From there on we will discuss how JEA, Just Enough Administration, can be used to setup secure endpoints for PowerShell remoting. Jaap will take you through the configuration steps, the considerations when you are setting up secure endpoints and what this look like on the backend. Using this knowledge, Jaap will show some practical examples of JEA including exposing JEA endpoints to GUI applications to allow for secure and controlled interactions with your infrastructure.

If you have any specific questions in regards to PowerShell, PowerShell Security or Security in general make sure to ask these at the end of the sessions. After the presentation Jaap will be more than happy to answer any burning questions you might have.
Jaap Brasser is an Automation and Cloud Engineer and PowerShell MVP with a big passion for scripting and automation. As an IT professional Jaap works for IPsoft and is part of several professional communities, speaks at technical events and writes articles on a variety of subjects on his personal blog and other websites or magazines. As an active member of the PowerShell community he supports users providing answers in forums, blogs about PowerShell and creates and shares PowerShell modules, functions and scripts.